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Dedicated to providing patients and healthcare providers with the information they need to combat thrombosis, The Beat features a wide range of articles, including updates on ground breaking research being done in the field of thrombosis, patient profiles, heart healthy tips from medical experts, healthy recipes specifically chosen for patients with thrombosis, and updates on the ever-growing programs that NATF puts on throughout the year. Readers get a first-hand look at NATF’s upcoming events and initiatives.

In addition, The Beat also features an “Ask the Expert” section where thrombosis specialists address questions from patients, covering topics that range aneurysms of the aorta to blood clot formation.

A VTE Limerick - Written by Vic Tapson, MD

Presented at ACC 2017

DVT, PE, and Post-thrombotic Syndrome

If you sit and just talk on your cell

Or lie in bed ‘cause you’re not feeling well

Your blood may stagnate

And coagulate

Your thrombosis may then hurt like hell.

Or maybe you won’t feel a thing

Not an ache or a pain or a sting

A big silent clot

That may or may not

Loosen up and break off and take wing...(continued)

PEPPER Trial Looking For Participants

PEPPER trial logo

The PEPPER trial is investigating which blood thinner is best for patients to use after total hip and knee replacement surgery to prevent blood clots. Researchers are currently looking to enroll 25,000 patients across 25 sites in North America. To learn more and to find out if the trial is recruiting near you, visit the PEPPER trial's website. If you would like to participate, please contact the program manager, Carol Lambourne at 843-792-2913 or


Anticoagulation Forum's 14th Biennial Conference On Antithrombotic Therapy

AC Forum

April 20-22, 2017

Los Angeles, CA

Early Bird Registration Ends December 15

3-Day symposium will bring together medical professionals in fields ranging from cardiology and hematology to pharmacy and family medicine for discussions on current research and evidence-based practices in the field of antithrombotic therapy.  In addition to presentations by leading experts, the conference will feature small, topic-specific master classes, a "meet the expert" breakfast, poster sessions and industry exhibits.

For more information and to register, visit

Upcoming Events

2017 Thrombosis Summit
Saturday, September 16
7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, Boston, MA


More Information

Online PE/DVT Patient Support Group  


Offering patients the chance to ask questions, share common concerns, support one another, and learn up-to-date and accurate information about VTE.  In upcoming months, we will have alternating physicians serving as moderators for group, each with their own perspective.

Upcoming Support Group Dates:

  • May 30th at 7:00 pm
    Dr. Gregory Piazza, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
    Staff Physician in the Cardiovascular Medicine Division at Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Dr. Piazza will host an "Ask the Expert" session, where he will spend an hour addressing attendees' important questions.

SIGN UP NOW to receive information on how to join a support group.





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Thrombosis Education

The Emergency Department for Your First PE/DVT: When to Go and What to Expect

Hospital -ward -1338584_1920

Taking a trip to the emergency department is something that very few people enjoy doing. However, for patients with deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism, it is important that they receive the treatments they need in a timely manner. – See More

Exercise: The Surprising Benefits

Runners -635906_1920

The benefits of exercise are deep and go beyond what many might expect. While it is well known that it makes people healthier and helps with weight loss, many people don't truly know what effect their daily exercise routine has on their bodies. – See More

Why Me? A Look at the Risk Factors Behind a Blood Clot

Question -mark -2123966_1920

Being diagnosed with a blood clot, whether it appears as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE), is a life changing experience. – See More

Which Anticoagulant is Right For Me?

Anticoagulant Comparison Chart

For many years, Warfarin was the only oral anticoagulant commonly used to treat blood clots. In the past five years, the FDA has approved four new oral anticoagulants for the treatment of DVT, PE, and SPAF. Find out the differences between the five FDA-approved oral anticoagulants. – View the chart







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